Friday, November 11, 2011


Seattle's November weather has not disappointed, thus far.... and the best part is, we've had time to enjoy it! (It hasn't been beautiful, but it also hasn't been overly rainy). Last week, our neighbor, Darin, took Owen and I on this great 6(ish) mile walk, and I really wanted to share i with Mike and Oskee. So, last Sunday we bundled up and got some exercise!

We waited for O to wake up from his afternoon nap, and we trialed this new hat. I personally think it's adorable. He does not personally think this. He couldn't even muster up a smile for me.

No smiles once we got in the stroller either. He was mad that he couldn't get it off his head (that dang chin strap!)

But how cute is that face?

The trail took us over the river and through the woods... but unfortunately 6 miles didn't quite get us to Grandmother's house.

This is a bridge at the west entrance of our neighborhood (Woodridge). I think it's beautiful!

Our subdivision is quite hilly, and as you crest one of the tallest hills, you get this view.

The Wades in action.. nice that Mike can walk the dog and take pictures at the same time!

Oskee LOVED the walk. She sure had her smeller going. She's lost at least 7 pounds in the 15/16 months that we've had her. Now that she is my high-chair-dropping-licker-upper... we are wanting to walk her even more to keep that weight off!

I hope that the weather remains crisp and cloudy and that the precipitation stays away until December at least!

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  1. Ha! I hope the Wades are drying out... what a great walk. Let's go sometime! And then make canned cranberries? :)