Sunday, November 27, 2011

11 months: Giving Thanks

Yes, it's that time again. I'm not sure how yet another month has passed us by, but here we are at 11 months!
Here are the stats:
Height: Long! Tall enough to pull up to our kitchen table on his tip toes and try to hang and/or reach anything on the table.
Weight: Getting heavier .... we are guessing around 20lbs. I tried to weigh him at the doctor last week, but the scale wasn't zeroed. We'll find out for sure at 12 months.
Teeth: Uno. Yes, we lost one..somehow it reared it's little head at 10 months and sunk back down below. So now we get to wait to experience the pain of popping back through (again). Poor little guy!
Days Sick: At least 10. That's 10 too many!

He discovered the toilet paper. I've been diligent about keeping that door shut so that I don't have any more pictures like this!

For as much of the first few months he spent with his brow furrowed, he now has his eyebrows raised ALL of the time. "Oh, what can I discover now?"
This eyebrow raise accompanies many of his new tricks: banging blocks together, playing 'catch' with daddy, and clapping. He understands now that 'YAY' and clapping go together. So we say 'YAY', he claps and giggles! It's wonderful fun. It's Gaga Wade's favorite game to play with him.

We are expanding the repertoire of his foods. He ate spaghetti and home made pizza (and then got a terrible diaper rash, so we've laid off the tomato!). He also breaks out in a weird rash on his face when I give him fresh, cooked spinach or veggie baby Mum-Mums. Weird, right?

Additional foods we've added this month: Beef, Pasta, Toast, Beets, Lentils, Millet, Quinoa, Turkey, Ham, and Cranberries.

Owen, and his friend Will trying to get out! We were at Will's house on 11/3 when Owen stood without holding on for the first time. He's still capable of this trick, but it occurs only very rarely.

Owen ate eight.

Owen and Lucy playing cordially.

Owen and Lucy, not playing cordially. Honestly, these two had an entire floor full of toys, and they chose to fight over the dog bowl! Poor Oskee.

We were so so blessed to have Gaga and Papa Wade come visit for Thanksgiving. Here Owen is showing off one of his newest skills: stacking 3 blocks! The blocks are his favorite toy, for sure. He goes for the blocks first every morning, carries them around when he is crawling, takes them in and out of drawers, stacks them, gives them to the dog, etc!

He loves to play under this table, but I also liked this shot of the little turkey onesie I made him. I think it turned out well!

More fun games with Gaga Wade. When reading books, he loves to just open and shut them. When you say, "Open, Shut" he things it's hilarious.. and so we do it over, and over again! He actually loves the repetition of any sound. Come to find out, the word 'shoe' when repeated 15 times does actually sound funny (even to me!)
Thanksgiving dinner was prepared with produce from our new produce delivery service, Full Circle. The produce comes from a local farm and arrives on Tuesday mornings. We LOVE getting our produce this way.

We felt like it was Christmas morning with our first delivery. This one included lettuce, apples, squash, pears, persimmons, potatoes, carrots, kale, and beets.

I spent most of Thanksgiving day in the kitchen....

with my VERY handy helper, Gaga Wade. Thanks for all of your help, Becky! (She makes a mean pumpkin pie!)

The turkey turned out well, again (thank God!). Owen approved, too.

Daddy carving the turkey.

Owen enjoying his first Thanksgiving dinner!

The table setting...

Owen was sad when the Wades had to go back to STL. It's OK, Owen, we'll be home in 3 short weeks!

Owen was clapping because we told him it's officially Christmas season! He loves dressing up like a candy cane too!

Demonstrating one of his favorite games: Take everything out of the drawer and then put it back in. He likes to do this with clothes, books, etc.

He's also getting better at 'sharing'. He likes to hand us whatever he is playing with. I am so excited because by 12 months, they should be able to follow simple commands like 'Hand mommy the shoe, please'.

Mike and I cut Owen's bangs last night. The rest of his hair isn't long, but those bangs were sure hanging in his eyes! I wasn't ready for the full blown 'first haircut' yet, so we did a DIY haircut.

He's not great at walking with assistance (hands) yet, but he sure can push anything across the floor! We'll work on this the next month.

Here's a preview of our Christmas card.....
He hates the hat, by the way!

Additional fun 11 month tidbits:
  • He mimics sounds: baba, dada, mama. We also think we might have a first 'word'. Aahhttttttt! (Mike and I had some discussion about how to spell this). It means, let me down, pick me up, give me food... anything. But it definitely has meaning!
  • He also loves to make other sounds with his mouth.. like opening his mouth, saying Ahh, and moving his hand back and forth across his mouth.
  • He always sleeps in the corner of his bed.
  • He has finally conquered the pincer grasp, but only with the left hand! In fact, he only eats with the left hand. Maybe he'll be a south paw after all?
  • He loves to throw things off the couch, off the coffee table, over your shoulder. The best part of the game, apparently, is discovering where the object went after he threw it. He most of all loves to play ball.
  • He loves to crawl around the chair and 'escape' from Daddy who actually has to go pretty fast to keep up with Owen!
  • He helps put his socks on (ie: he holds his foot up for you). He tilts his head down to help you get the bib on. So I guess routine does really stimulate learning!
  • He loves to feed the dog, who also loves to be fed by Owen! He'll hold his hand down to let her lick his hand and then giggle!
Happy 11 months Owen! We can't believe you're getting so old, strong, daring, and fun! We love you and we're so thankful you are a part of our lives.

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