Monday, October 31, 2011

It's Spooky How Cute These Kiddos Are...

Owen had a great 1st Halloween. Yesterday we had a few of his friends come over to play dress up. We know SO SO many babies in Seattle (probably at least 20.... under the age of 2), but we had to just invite a few  because we don't have tons of space!

Truman the Tiger


If we had known the Cards were going to win the WS, I probably would have dressed him up as Yadi or something (complete with the neck tattoos). On that note, we are EXTREMELY thrilled with the results of last weeks' super special world series. We had an absolute blast watching the back and forth, back and forth, back and forth of Game 6 (and the entire series for that matter!)

Amity is becoming super interested in Owen. Her little face just lights up, and she kept trying to 'pull up' on him. He seemed to prefer the independent play.

Miss Peacock in the library

Shaking her tail feather

Isn't she gorgeous?

GaGa Wade, this picture of baby legs was taken for you!

O & A. Relaxing with Daddy Culbertson after a long party.

Our super cool neighbors Darin & Andy came over with their very peaceful penguin, 10 week old Dylan. He only weighs a few pounds less than Owen, but he is so still when you hold him. I already miss that stage!

Darin & Dylan. I love these little feet.

Love Halloween, I do. mmmmm, yes

It's OK, Zander (7mo), we won't let Owen take any more of your toys.

Amity and Vivian are just 19 days apart, and they had too much fun playing together. Unlike Owen who couldn't be bothered with other babies, these chicas put their heads together to conquer these wooden blocks!

"Here's how we figure them out... put it in your mouth"

Owen loves shoes. Good thing Vivian doesn't actually walk in her shoes.

Play time. Again, Owen is elsewhere. He was anywhere but the blanket. Everyone else stayed put!

Today we got dressed up in our super SPOOKY outfit.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. I LOVE his tiger appropriate, I might add! And, is this boy almost due for his first haircut--oh my gosh did it grow fast! Love you three!!