Monday, October 24, 2011

Every True Son

"Every True Son, So Happy Hearted. Skies above us are blue. There's a spirit so deep within us, old Missouri, here's to you. Rah! Rah! When the band plays a Tiger War song, and when the fray is through (what's a fray?). We will tramp, tramp, tramp around the columns with a cheer for old Mizzou!"

Last weekend, Owen and I traveled down to Columbia for his first "in-the-flesh" Mizzou experience (as opposed to in-utero). We left my mom and her newly repaired right foot at home to rest in STL (her surgery went well, and now she's just trying to keep herself occupied in the recliner for the next 4 weeks).

Friday night was the Summer Welcome reunion. Although I did not bring my camera to document, I can attest that it was a fantastic night indeed. Most of my favorite people from Mizzou were in attendance, and O was looked after by Papa Cooper, and Claire's wonderful husband, Adam.

Saturday we tailgated at the Alumni Association and enjoyed the October sunshine. Owen loves his Auntie Britt (and the adorable Mizzou polo she bought him).

Mommy and Owen in front of Jesse Hall (my favorite place on campus). I was intentionally trying to keep him out of the sun, but the shadows don't make for a great picture.

 True Tigers

Some of my absolute favorite people in the world! (L-R) Claire (Columbia, MO), Stuth (Jenn, Omaha, NE), Becca (Eugene, OR), Britt (LA, CA), and of course, me (Seattle, WA). We traveled from near and far. Claire was so gracious to host little tornado, O, and me.  

Missing from this pic of favorite Mizzou Alums: my dear Ali (and her baby bump!)

The entire bookstore was torn down and rebuilt. The new 'complex' is beautiful.

Tired Tiger

Play time at Claire & Adam's house.

We had a whirlwind 48 hours in Columbia, and then we traveled back to STL to spend 4 amazing days with Grandmas, Papas, Uncles, Aunts, and Cousins. I long for and greatly look forward to the day we get to live much closer.

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