Monday, July 4, 2011

our little firecracker

Well Happy 4th of July from our little firecracker! We dressed him all up in his Cardinal red.. I mean, what is more patriotic than Cardinal baseball?

We spent the day visiting with some friends who live about 45 minutes north of Bellevue. They have a 3 year old girl, and twin 20 month old girls. Having a 6 month old Owen seems like a piece of cake.. except that he won't nap anywhere but his crib and had a minor meltdown during lunch. At least it was in some one's home! (Just a side note: I am SO over being in restaurants with him. It's like paying for cold food, fragmented conversation, and increased anxiety/blood pressure). Not worth it in my opinion!

 I put this blanket down, but it's not like he stays on or near the blanket, now that he has mad rolling skills!

 Yay! Cards Win!

 Since Owen missed a 'crib' afternoon nap, I was trying to help him relax. Instead, he wanted to play with his favorite toy: a handful of mommy's hair. You can spend a lot of money on real toys, but sometimes the best things in life are free, right?

Here we are with a good pose. I love his sweet angel face!

Enjoy a video of him at dinner tonight. I was trying to catch his 'excited' face where he blinks and says 'AH!'. The blink is the funniest part to me... it's like he's gearing up for a big sentence or something really important!

Happy 4th from Seattle! We love you!

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