Tuesday, January 8, 2013

3 Months: Tell Me I'm Pretty

This post could have been titled major blow out.. because she had at least one a day during the entire 2nd month. I've even tried switching diaper size, and the blow outs continue. The girl is a good pooper..but I figured the title should be something more 'positive'.

This post also could have been titled rolls. Her neck overfloweth with rolls (though no cell phone has been found. If you do not know this story, please ask me stat). She also has chunk on her legs. I am thrilled with her rolls seeing as I am the sole provider of her nutrition. Owen never had rolls... so breastfeeding is obviously going much better this time around. I could have called this post: rolls... but I thought that would be quite confusing. Millie is no where near rolling over, though she is much better at tummy time and can actually stay 'up' for at least 5 minutes.

Instead I titled this post "Tell me I'm pretty" because the girl loves.to.flirt. If you tell her she's pretty she will goo and ahh and grin and giggle. She also has a vocal sound that seems to somehow start in her nose...but she'll really throw it out to ya if you tell her she's pretty. So, naturally, I say it over and over and over and over, etc.

This is my serious face. Is there a flower on my head?

"TELL ME I'M PRETTY". See.. you would tell her over and over, too.

Santa Baby. Mid December. This pic is now the background on my phone.

This is the night of the Bragging Rights game. Mike and I were supposed to each get to dress one kid. He had Millie. I had Owen till he puked on every other pair of sweats except his Illini pants. I digress. The thing is, I think she looks pretty in Orange. I really like her in bright (vs pastel) colors. They are pretty with her dark hair.
I've found both my left and right hands, and now I can grab on to toys and love on them. Sometimes I can get my paci back in to my mouth as well.

Sometimes I find cars seemingly coming out of her head. This is evidence that we've been working on sharing with Owen.. and that he loves her so.

I look just like my daddy.

TELL ME I'M PRETTY.. and change my pants. I'll be your best friend forever. (This baby actually does care when she's poopy or wet... as opposed to her older brother.)

NYE. Out on the town. Nothing rings in a new year like a tutu.

How gorgeous is this dress?

And yes, she even had a rosebud on her butt. Obviously it needed to be documented.

She got all dressed up for her 2nd date with George (2 mo & 15lbs).
Amelia's growth and development are progressing along well, and we love her more and more every day.
  • She's awake more and more all of the time (fortunately just during day time hours). 75% of her nights she wakes to feed at 2am and 5 or 6am. Some nights (like last night) she was up at 12, 4, and 6. Those nights sure wear on me. We have no day time schedule yet, but I'm trying to wake her between 8 and 8:30 a.m. each day to help her set one.
  • She's now eating every 2.5 hours more consistently. This is so much easier than every 2.
  • I'm still requiring caffeine in the afternoon to sustain myself until Mike gets home for dinner. I'm so tired.
  • She's wearing 3-6 month clothes, though she can still wear 3 month pants. She grows out of clothes b/c they get too short, but it must be her torso that's XLong. She also has her MiMa Cooper's orangutan arms that are too long for every outfit her size.
  • Her face gets quite blotchy when she cries. The eyebrows are the worst. She'll hate that when she gets older.
  • I think she's SO PRETTY. 

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