Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wade Family Reunion: Indiana Style

This post's delay does not reflect my opinions on the Wade family reunion in Nashville, Indiana! I've just had my mind elsewhere, and when I sit down at the computer lately I am browsing craigslist for the perfect 'used' basement furniture (or Aden & Anais girly swaddle blankets... haven't found any), ooohing and aahing over PBK's Penelope nursery, or looking on etsy for the perfect girly nursery prints.

But back to the reunion! On the 9th-ish of July the Wades & Nieders traveled in a caravan from St. Charles, MO to Nashville, IN. It's past Bloomington (the home of IU.... Papa & Gaga Wade's arch rival. They are Purdue Boilermakers).

In Nashville we met up with Dave's sister Ruth, her husband Glenn & their daughters, husbands, and babies. Details & names to follow. We stayed in a huge house called 'The Farm'.
Looks peaceful & quintessentially Midwestern, right? It fit all 6 families & 6 kids to boot. Mike and I took the basement room (thinking it would be cooler for this hotbox of a pregnant lady), but unfortunately the basement was over run with spiders. It is times like those that I praise the Lord for my terrible eyesight sans corrective lenses so that I couldn't see creepy crawlies all around as I was sleeping &/or showering.
The kids loved running in the yard.
Daddy Dax & Baba (Ava) touring IU's campus.
What a gorgeous family. Dax & Lindsey sure to make some beautiful children... and apparently the Nieders genes trumped the Wade genes 3 times in a row b/c Carson, Livi, & Ava are all blonde haired & blue eyed.
Ava (9mo) & Eliza (12mo) reading Owen's favorite book.
There are always plenty of hands willing to snuggle & cuddle this sweetie pie. Unfortunately in order for me to cuddle her someone else has to be on Owen duty. Not usually a fair trade off... so GaGa gets her the most!
Cartoon showing Owen some cool pool tricks.
Fun in the sun. Doubt this sprinkler did much to help this poor grass...
All of Earl & Evelyn Wade's great-grandchildren. L-R: Owen Michael (19mo), Ava Adeline (9mo), Carson Matthew (8), Eliza Marija (12mo), Olivia Grace (5), Collin Everett (19mo)
The blood relatives of the Wades Sr (in-laws not allowed). You know the Dave Wade family on the left. On the right we have Ruth Wade Williams, her husband Glenn, and their daughters Emily (standing) and Hilary (sitting). Emily's daughter is Eliza & Hilary's son is Collin.
Documentation of the first solid food Ava would put in her mouth without spitting it back out. She's not a fan of purees or spoons, but this apple did the trick!
Owen & Collin cleaning off together. Look at Owen's poor Seattle skin. It's also worth mentioning here that these 2 are 5 days and 8lbs apart! O weighs 24ish lbs & Collin weighs 32 lbs! Praise the Lord I have the smaller baby. My back just hurts thinking about carrying Collin!
Livi helping out with Owen duty!
A quick family shot!
Papa Wade & his 3 oldest grand babies!
The whole gang!
Tony, Emily, & Eliza Puntuzs (Chicago, IL)
Kris, Hilary, & Collin McLeod (Akron, OH)
Glenn & Ruth Williams (Cleveland, OH)
Dave & Becky Wade (St. Charles, MO)
Dax, Lindsey, Carson, Olivia, & Ava Nieders (St. Charles, MO)
Mike, Heather, Owen, & Baby Girl Wade (St. Louis, MO)... isn't that fun to write!

We had a great time hanging out with the William's clan & we hope to get all of the kiddos together again soon!

This pic was about 28.5 weeks gestation... I'm now 31 weeks & have grown considerably. Next post will be of the most recent belly pic.

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