Saturday, August 27, 2011

8 months old! LOTS of new tricks

I always love writing the monthly report. Hopefully some day soon I will transfer these milestones to his baby book, but at least for now they are documented somewhere. We've had a lot of fun changes in the last few days, and some I've been able to capture on film!!

Capturing the baby with my sophisticated home made signs is becoming increasingly difficult. My first 12 attempts turned out quite a bit like this picture. That is until he decided to try to climb head first off of the rocking chair. I think I'm going to need another plan for 9 months.

So we took the picture with me (not my ideal photograph). Check out his fly aways. Uncle Dax would recommend super max hold spray for those bad boys.

We celebrated Mike's 31st birthday yesterday.. Owen was pretty interested in the fire on the candles... I think the first time he's seen fire. Unfortunately, Owen did not quite get to partake in the home made red velvet cake Mike requested (he is his mother's son), but O only has 4 months until his cake debut!

In addition to cake and ice cream, we also celebrated Mike's birthday with a flight around Puget Sound. The plane was flown by none other than Mike Wade himself. He was magnificent, of course, and it was a real treat to see him in his element. God blessed us with a gorgeous day, and I took lots of pictures which I'll highlight in another post. That evening we went to dinner at a quaint Italian restaurant on the beach called La Rustica. The whole restaurant seats maybe 50 people, they give large glasses of wine, and serve amazing food. It was a fantastic date night for sure!

Here's a pic I took before introducing the 8 month sign. This is before our shoot went downhill. You'll notice O has a bit of a runny nose. We're not sure if this is a cold or related to teething. He was in the church nursery and at a 1st birthday party last Sunday.. so a cold wouldn't be out of the question, but Thursday of this week was one of our hardest days in months. He was awake and crying from 0630 to 1330. I couldn't calm him, and driving didn't even put him to sleep. Finally we laid down together and I nursed him and snuggled him while he napped. I felt like I had a newborn again, and it made me think we might see some pearly whites soon. None have popped up yet, however! You all will be the first to know, I promise.  

Today we went to Mt. St. Helen's State Park (also to be highlighted in a different post). We did stop for a bit to let him crawl around and get out of the car. As you know, he's mastered the army crawl... but today he took two crawling 'steps' on all fours! What a big, big boy!

Here's a sweet shot of his inquisitive face taken by Dr. Terry in St. Louis. It looks like he's in the middle of a conversation, right?

I think this one almost looks like a professional pic, but it was actually snapped by our friend Andrea at a farm last week (Again.. details to come in another post). This is the day he discovered grass, and he was pulling it up by the handful (and maybe a bit landed in his mouth). We called him 'Mowin' Owen' for the rest of the morning.

As he's mastered the army crawl, he's also discovered his favorite target: Oskee's bowls. Fortunately, she wolfs down her food in about 23 seconds, so we don't have to worry about Owen with the food. But he does LOVE her water bowl, and he can get there quick. Originally his army crawl became my new dust mop. Now that's he's in to the water (and his shirt gets soaked), he's actually my wet mop too. This could come in handy, though it's disastrous on his clothes. White is certainly out of the question at this point.

Just a little play time at breakfast. He loves to play with the bowl and spoon after we're done eating. I think he likes the feel of the food between his fingers. He's improving on his chewing skills (with the dissolving puffs), but we haven't quite mastered the pincer grasp. Therefore, I am still feeding him the puffs. In addition to the non-nutritious processed baby puffs, he is also eating:

Rice (very occasionally),  green beans (only if I make them from fresh green beans), carrots, peas, oats, sweet potatoes, avocado, pear, banana, apricot, squash, apples, peaches, multi-grain cereal, blueberries,  broccoli, and mango. We just started the broccoli and mango this week, and he doesn't seem to be a fan of either flavor. I love making my own baby food because it saves $$ and we can play with flavor combos... so we'll try to mix those with something good.

 He's been eating 3 solid meals a day for about 6 weeks now, so we are trying to really cut back the nursing.

Owen and his best friend, Oskee. She tolerates him well, but I'm sure she misses the 'non-mobile' days.

Another new trick is the pulling up to his knees. This basket of toys/books is the perfect height (and weight) to allow him to pull up without tipping. I caught him trying to pull up on the coffee table tonight. This would be a pull to stand. I don't think he's coordinated enough for that, so I'm really going to have to watch him like a hawk.

Play time with daddy is oh so fun! He can crawl all over Mike at this point!

Owen's is also working on his language skills. Last Sunday he conquered "ma ma ma", and then Monday he moved right in to "ga ga ga ga". So this brings us up to B, D, M, G, and a very occasional P sound. A seems to be the only vowel going at this point. He also talks while he chews his puffs (bah bah bah). In the last week or so he has also started 'singing' when he is done nursing. At the end of the second side he looks up and me and throws together a string of sounds in a sing-songy voice. I absolutely LOVE this sweet time. It's like he's telling me "I'm all done, mom. Thanks for the snack".

Additional O-bug-isms:

  • He gives GREAT, tight hugs (I think it's mostly to get my pony tail, but he'll hold on tight to Mike too)
  • He twirls his right wrist while eating solid foods. I have no explanation for that one. 
  • He loves when I blow on things (primarily to cool his food). And he loves the wind blowing through his hair.
  • He responds to loud noises (like the vacuum) with a loud 'AHHHHHHH' 
  • He's mastered the motor boat sound with his lips (and it often interrupts nap time)
  • He loves to play with daddy's hat
  • His favorite part of bath time is when you take him out of the bath and lay him on the towel. Maybe he likes baby burritos? 
  • Sleep wise he usually goes down around 7-7:30pm, wakes to nurse at 10:30 and then sleeps until 5:30 or 6. I am so thrilled with this schedule I can hardly contain myself. Yes, it could be better.. but I'll take what I can get.
I know I have additional posts to catch up on to document our comings and goings during the last 1/2 of August. I'll try to get to those this week! Thanks for sharing in the journey of our precious Owen. We are completely in love with him =)

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